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Crime Of Passion

Feb 14, 2013

The crime happened on Tuesday afternoon in the parking lot of the post Shamrock castling, according to information from the military police, Oliveira, Samuel and Marcio, the crime was motivated by jealousy, the killer identified as Josuel Gomes  29 years old.

Brother’s killer identified as Herivaldo Gomes passion of 29 years to try to prevent the crime was hit with a shot in the heart, Herivaldo died instantly, Josuel seeing his brother and ex-wife dying, he put the gun in the head and killed himself with a fatal shot, Ana Claudia was taken to hospital with life John Paul the second, according to Ana’s uncle, Mr. Gerard, the killer did not accept the separation, after a series of jealous decided to kill mulher.De according Ana this hospital doctors seriously injured and will remain under observation, the two bodies were taken to the morgue in the capital.

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