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Stabbed to death (Updated)

Jul 13, 2014

The crime occurred shortly after the Brazil game on Tuesday, July 8, the victim’s house located on the street Mem de Sá, in cajarana neighborhood of Alcobaça and she was buried yesterday afternoon, when they would complete 18 years. Alea Birth Flag, was brutally murdered inside the bathroom by her boyfriend known as “Bruce”. According to relatives of the teenager, the couple had started a discussion that resulted in the murder. According to autopsy examinations at the Medical Legal Institute Teixeira de Freitas, Alea took 11 stab wounds, mostly in the chest area and elsewhere in the arms possibly when trying to defend the blows.


Bruce is still on the run…


 This morning of Friday, July 11, a fisherman found the body of Bishop Flavio Jesus. Flavio was Aléa mate, and chief suspected of killing the girl.


He was found naked, inside an abandoned boat on the high seas, with approximately 04 holes knife. The principal delegate of Alcobaça, Marocci Dr. Robson and his team attended the place to cadaveric survey.


According to the delegate, a team from the Department of Technical Police was thrown to the removal of the body. “After the necropsy examinations, we know the true cause of death. No possibility is ruled out, not even suicide, “said the delegate. The Civil Police will investigate whether the death is linked to revenge, the victim went through torture. A police inquiry was launched.


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