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Thai Man Who Allegedly killed 5 Family Members

Jan 14, 2019

Police are on the hunt for a 37-year-old Thai man accused of murdering five family members including his pregnant wife

Authorities believes they are getting closer to catching Ranong native Theerapol Pin-amorn, as the vehicle he allegedly used to escape was found parked outside the Maya Hotel in Phitsanulok province’s Muang Phitsanulok district.

Pregnant victim, Kanyarat Kingkaew, and suspect, Theerapol Pin-amorn

It is believed he has not left the province at this point.

The manhunt is underway following the report of a multiple homicide at two houses in Phichai District, located in the northern province of Uttaradi.

In the garage of the first house, officials found the lifeless body of Theerapol’s wife Kanyarat Kingkaew, who was four months pregnant, and his 46-year-old father-in-law, Wirat Kingkaew, reported Khaosod. Kanyarat’s age was unknown as of press time.

Five kilometers away, in a second house, police found the bodies of the suspect’s 53-year-old cousin Kanokwan Intharasit and twin sisters Nampheung (the suspect’s mother-in-law) and Nampha Intharasit, both 48.

All five victims were shot with a 9mm pistol.

Pichai district chief Pratchya Sertleucha said Theerapol has been living with Kanyarat for almost a year and that the couple often argued.

Police believe she broke up with Theerapol on the day of the incident, allegedly over his drug abuse.

That afternoon, the gunman allegedly first went to his mother-in-law’s house to look for his wife before shooting the first three victims in anger, reported The Nation.

He then drove to his father-in-law’s house, where, in disturbing footage captured by CCTV cameras, Theerapol can be seen arguing with his wife and father-in-law before pulling a gun out and shooting the 46-year-old man. When a shocked Kanyarat runs towards her father, Theerapol shoots her as well.

The two victims, lying on the ground, can be seen crawling towards one another before passing away in each other’s arms.

Another unidentified woman — possibly Kanyarat’s younger sister can be seen running into the scene before being chased out of frame by the gunman.

The Nation reports that, having heard the gunshots, Kanyarat’s sister, her husband and another male cousin went to investigate, only for Theerapol to allegedly open fired on them as well.

Though the sister was unharmed, the two men sustained injuries and have since been transported to Uttaradit Hospital.

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