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Three Men Found Dead

Oct 23, 2019

Police have confirmed that three more people were murdered and the bodies were found during Monday morning raids inside the forest area of ​​the Monte Horebe invasion in the northern zone of Manaus.

One of the three victims of torture and shooting and stabbing was Thiago de Jesus, 20, who was better known as “Lourinho,” appointed as a member of a criminal faction, had been identified late in the morning.

Two more bodies were found by female dog “Fiona” taken to the invasion by the teams of the Dog Policing Company (CipCães) and placed to work in the location of the victims since the beginning of Monday.

Another victim who was identified now in the early afternoon was 21-year-old Jhon Keven Ferreira Alves, who was also dragged out of his house at dawn by a group of heavily armed men.




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