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Tortured and killed

Sep 28, 2014
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On Saturday morning 27th, the bodies of two girls were found in Barrio Santa Ana, both were killed and tortured in Pedro Juan Caballero in Paraguay, bordering Ponta Pora in Mato Grosso do Sul.
The Paraguayan National Police identified the bodies would Paraguayan Marcio Martinez Gomez 22 year old Brazilian Luís Antônio Zeviano, 21, were both killed with 9mm caliber pistol shots to the head and solids would possibly tortured before being executed where they had hands and amputated fingers, both were found gagged on the outskirts of the Paraguayan city. The suspicion is that the assailant was double and were acting for the region. According to reports from relatives of the victims were young drug users. Preliminary information indicates that a Paraguayan mafia would have sent the message to burglars border stop acting in that locality. The case is being investigated by the Police Paraguay.

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