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Triple Murder

Aug 25, 2013

Three men were killed in the late afternoon of Thursday August 22nd, in a bar in the city of Disputes, in Rio Grande do Norte. The triple murder happened around 17 pm at the Pool Bar.


Gilmar de Souza Soares 44 years old, born and resident in the city of backlogs, bar owner and a hostel in town. Gilmar was killed about two pistol shots to the head.

Nildecy Santos de Oliveira, 39 years old, natural Catolé the Rock in the state of Paraíba, resident in the street Cicero Azevedo, condo Independence, was newcomer to the city and worked as an employee of Gilmar. Nildecy was killed with three pistol shots, one in the back and two in the head.

Gilliarde Cesar Bezerra, 44 years old, merchant, justice arrested, on probation, a resident in the city of backlogs. Gilliarde was killed with two pistol shots to the head.