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Woman Burned

Sep 04, 2017
The body of a woman, so far unidentified, was found in a thicket of the Sierra Prieta community, belonging to the municipality of Fantino in the Sánchez Ramírez province.
It is presumed to be the remains of Emely Peguero, the pregnant minor who disappeared a week ago, said Lt. Alfredo Gomez, a spokesman for the National Police in that province.
Authorities moved to the area to identify the body with the face and part of the torso burned.
The violence that we are going through as a nation goes from bad to worse, gender violence and in the streets has reached unthinkable limits, but the latest cases of murders that have been occurring in different parts of the country have alarmed the whole population and not for less, as currently even police officers are safe, since these are falling like flies, something that is not a secret for anyone.
One of the cases that has shocked the whole country in the last few days is that of the young Emily Peguero, who was in a state of pregnancy and so far is not known his whereabouts or rather, it is not known where his executioner I throw the corpse, since this allegedly confessed the crime.
We are clear that recently the mother of the young man supposedly admitted to having paid the sum of RD $ 100,000 thousand pesos to some strangers to be responsible for the disappearance of the young woman, but it is not known whether the authorities have managed to seize these people.
As it turns out that right now, we just got the picture of the lifeless body of a young girl who was found with her face burned in a bush in SIERRA PRIETA, fantino, Cotuí.
Many have tried to link it with Emely Peguero, but brings doubts since it has been missing for 8 days and would be broken, another fact is that the young woman seems about 18 years and is more complex than Emily.

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