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Woman Shot Dead

Mar 11, 2018


The crime happened at Rua Severino Praxedes Sobrinho, in the Boa Vista neighborhood, in Mossoró, Rio Grande do Norte, in the early afternoon of Saturday, March 10.

Adriana Bento da Silva, a 38-year-old resident of Padre Elesbão Street in the Boa Vista neighborhood, was shot dead by people arriving on a motorcycle, saying it was a robbery.

The criminals fled without taking anything. According to the criminal expert Renildo Marcelino who carried out the expertise on the spot, Adriana was hit with three shots, one in the head and died on the spot. Renildo believes that the shot that hit the victim in the head he received after falling.

According to information, Adriana, who has already served time for drug trafficking in the feminine pavilion of the Mario Negocio Agricultural Penitentiary in Mossoró, was serving her sentence under house rule, due to the lack of an appropriate place for those suffering from a semi-open illness.

In August of last year, Adriana had a son killed in an ambulance in the city of Baraúna.

David Kennedy da Silva Fernandes, 21, of Mossoró, was executed inside the ambulance when he was rescued to Hospital Tarcisio Maia in Mossoró. The criminals intercepted the ambulance and finished killing the same.

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