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Woman shot dead in the street

Mar 11, 2015

 A mother was killed in front of children in Caruaru.

According to Jeane Gonçalves sister, the victim, Joseane manicure Gonçalves da Silva, who was single, 29 years of age and was home with her three children were suddenly surprised by the arrival of two people wearing crash helmets,  asking if there Joseane lived her? she said no and said  Joseane is down the street  minutes later they returned to the address broke down the door, the victim tried to escape  but was shot dead.

The Criminal Dr. Carlos Henrique expert, said that the evidence from the crime scene, the woman was hit by the first shots in the head and when he fell dying was hit by more shots will close range and died on the spot. He said that on the site were found .38 revolver bullets and the victim was hit with at least 6 shots, especially in the head.

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