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Woman Stabbed 11 Times

Sep 29, 2019

Ana was stabbed 11 times in court by her former partner whom she had reported for family violence.

In Tabasco, a woman and her ex-husband were waiting for a family violence hearing to begin, when the man stabbed her with a white weapon evading the surveillance elements of the Control Court.

Not even in the Court of Control of Villahermosa, Tabasco , Ana María, 29, was safe from the aggression of his former partner, who stabbed her 11 times with a sharp weapon.

The events occurred on Thursday, when a man identified as José Roberto “N”, 30, mocked the police authority of the Oral Justice Center and approached his former partner, Ana María, and began a brief dialogue.

Finally, he attacked her with a knife while they both waited for the start of a hearing for a family violence trial. The authorities the Tabasco Judicial Branch declared that the man managed to introduce the white weapon to the courtroom because he hid it in a folder.

Ana was treated by doctors who were in the place, and then transferred to the Red Cross and received specialised care. Despite having lesions in the intestine , skin and muscles, the woman reported no damage to vital organs, according to doctors.

Contrary to this information, the local legislator, Dolores Gutiérrez, said that the same hospital staff informed him that the attack damaged the victim’s arteries.

“Dr. Juan Antonio Torres Trejo, director of the Rovirosa Hospital, informed me that the lady’s health is complicated, there are important damaged arteries that a multidisciplinary group of specialists try to save her,” said Reforma to Gutierrez.

The aggressor was arrested by state police who were also in the justice center, located in the Medellín and Pingüa ranchería, at kilometer 6 + 800 of the Villahermosa-Frontera highway. Meanwhile, the State Attorney General issued an alert so that the relatives of the attacked woman are aware of the investigation that was opened in the area specialised in femicide.




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