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Woman Stabbed to Death

Jun 12, 2018

Teixeira de Freitas: Early on Saturday morning, May 19, a homicide was registered on Avenida Gonçalves Ledo, in the Bela Vista neighborhood, in Teixeira de Freitas. The Military Police Central was activated around 1:20 am and informed of the crime, and a garrison of the 1st Platoon went to the place where it confirmed the fact and found the body of a woman, fallen in a room inside the residence. According to the first information, a discussion took place between the victim and the author, who has had a loving relationship for about 2 years.

The victim was identified as Adriana Conceição da Anunciação, 24 years old, from Alcobaça / BA. With the arrival of the garrison of the 1st Platoon, the author was located and arrested in flagrante delicto. This is Danielle Pereira dos Santos, 26 years old. The military carried out searches and found the weapon used in the crime, a penknife with a wooden handle. The author and the murder weapon were taken to the headquarters of the Territorial Police Station of Teixeira de Freitas, where the case was registered.


The delegate on call, Andressa Carvalho, and her team, went to the scene of the crime, where she carried out the cadaveric survey. The delegate asked for expertise and a team from the Technical Police Department, made up of the experts Danilo Bastos and Pedro Paulo, was on site doing the expert work. According to experts, the victim was struck by a single blow, which hit the upper chest.

Adriana still had a bite mark on her arm and marks on her body, possibly the result of a fight. After the expert, the delegate authorized the removal of the body of Adriana to the IML of Teixeira de Freitas, where she will be submitted to the necropsy, on Saturday morning. The delegate returned to the police station, where she listened to the military and began the hearing of Danielle, who was flagrante- nated by Andressa Carvalho for murder.


Danielle was taken to the jail of the Territorial Police Station, where she will remain in custody at the disposal of Justice. In conversation with our reporting team, Danielle said that the crime was an accident, where after scaring ended up beating Adriana. She said there was no fight, but, asked about the bite mark on Adriana’s arm, she said it was time and did not want to talk about the case any more. The delegate will finalize the homicide inquiry with defined authorship.

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