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Women Found Shot in the Forehead

Jun 22, 2017
A woman’s body was found shot in the head by the bed where her five-year-old son was asleep; The husband of the victim, who is a state policeman, said the woman was shot in Cuautitlán, in the state of Mexico.
It was during the early morning when neighbors of building 42, located on Del Rosal Avenue, in the colony San Francisco Cascanitla, reported to the Municipal Police about a shot heard in department number 402. When the police arrived at the scene He found the woman on the floor, with no clothes on the bottom, next to a freshly operated pistol. In the room there was also a five-year-old boy, whose dream no one could interrupt.
Its version. Apparently the child did not notice when the shot killed his mother, who according to the husband’s version of the deceased was a suicide.
In spite of this, the police presented the agent as a suspect before the Public Prosecutor’s Office, who initiated the corresponding investigation file. 
He asked about his mother. For at least an hour the corpse remained in the room, which was visited by police and ministerial agents. At that moment the child woke up and was moved to another room, where the little boy asked for his mother.
The expert and personal services of Semefo moved the body to the local amphitheater, where they will perform the corresponding necropsy in order to clarify the facts and determine the causes of death. Meanwhile, residents of the area were shocked and sad because of the death of the police wife.

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