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Young Couple Executed

Feb 19, 2017

The couple Keullem Pasarante, 19, and Ana Lúcia Queiroz, 26, were executed with at least five shots each, inside the house where they lived, in the street Mestre Chico, Conjunto Viver Melhor, second stage, Zona Norte de Manaus.

The double homicide happened around 9:30 pm on Friday and according to reports by some neighbours of the couple, two men who arrived on a motorcycle surrendered the couple at the door of the house, dragged the two into the room and ordered that Leullem and Ana Lúcia lay in bed to be killed.
The couple’s two-and-a-half-year-old sons were spared by the killers, who even had the children run to one of their neighbours’ homes because their parents were going to die at the time.
Police received information on the spot that Keullem and his wife, Ana Lucia, were selling drugs.
After the murders, the two men left the site at high speed and neighbours immediately called police who sent two garrisons to the scene of the 15th Community Interactive Company (Cicom).

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