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Young man who wanted to avenge the death of cousin is murdered

Oct 01, 2013

Young Erick Jonata Lima, 22, was shot dead on Sunday evening 29th the in the neighbourhood of Pajuçara, in the northern part of Christmas. According to information passed to the police, the victim was suspected of two other murders in revenge the death of his cousin.

The death of Erick Jonata, better known as Quinho TGA was recorded at the intersection of San Antonio Street to Flower Street. The 2victim was walking down the street when he was approached by men in a black car, who then shot Erick and fled the scene. The victim’s mother reported to the military police that it was a revenge killing after his  cousin who was shot dead. Erick told the mother that had already killed two of the killers of his cousin, but still one more was on his list to complete the job.