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Woman Murdered

Apr 06, 2017

A brutal crime was reported by police on Wednesday afternoon 5th, at Sítio Lagoa Nova, in the rural area of ​​Riacho das Almas. The victim, 30-year-old Djaelma Maria da Silva, was found stabbed to death and her head crushed by a rock.

Commissioners Almir and Ézio and Agent Lourival of the local police station arrested at home, Eduardo Pereira dos Santos, a common “Duda” of 20 years and apprehended a minor of 17 years, who confessed that they committed the crime. The teenager said that his participation was only of having loaned the knife to the comparsa, but the “Doubt” that confessed that he lived maritally with the victim a month and that she would have confessed that he betrayed him and she, and the comparsa went to Where they took a brass of brandy, in that the smaller one was already with the weapon and the “Doubt” threw the companion inside the dry weir and herself falling from a height of several meters managed to get up and the companion of possession of a knife struck He struck her and she fell, and at that he went to get a stone and killed her, even crushed her head.

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