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Body Found at the Beach

Aug 25, 2019
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Yesterday afternoon the citizens reported to the police corporations a body that floated to the seashore very close to Rio Grande.

Immediately, personnel of the State Agency of Investigations (AEI) and experts specialized in the matter moved to the point where the body was.

Later it was reported that on El Venado beach, located between the towns of Cacalote and Rio Grande, they had effectively found the remains of a lifeless body that left to the mainland.

The body was found in poor condition, since it was practically a skeleton and did not have part of its lower extremities, in addition to having lost an arm. So far the authorities report that the identity of this person is still unknown for what is officially found as NN

Once the proceedings in this regard were completed, the lifting of the body was ordered, so that it was deposited in the municipal rest with the purpose of allowing experts in the field to define the possible causes of his death, his sex and identity, since the body is incomplete and in an advanced state of decomposition.

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  • svira

    It sad to die alone like this

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