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Ex-con shot dead

May 02, 2015
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The victim and ex-convict, Adriana Maria Santana da Silva, 29, who was separated from her husband and lived with their children was shot dead.1

Witnesses said she was home with the kids, and took some drinks out to a small table in front of the house, when the children entered the property they heard the shots, and they saw their mother lying dead. Neighbours said she was killed by two men who arrived on a motorcycle and fired two shots, hitting her in the back and head. A bullet casing was found near the body of the victim and was collected by forensic.


Adriana, who was born in Alto Bonito district in Bonito, already served time in prison accused of murder and was possibly killed in a revenge.


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  • BigWill6363

    Tit for tat. and of course she was doomed anyway, Da Silva