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Execution In Somalia

Aug 18, 2013

The government of somalia performed this on Saturday 17th, a man convicted for murder of a journalist. This is the first time the death penalty was considered for a crime of this kind


Execution was carried out by a firing squad in a square in the capital Mogadishu. He was convicted in March and his appeal was denied by the courts. The man, identified as Sheikh Aden Abdi, was convicted of killing the reporter Hassan Yusuf Absuge, Radio Maanta in September last year. During his trial, Abdi has been charged yet to have involvement with the group al-Shabab, an arm of Al-Qaeda in Somalia. murderer’s death is a milestone in the country’s history, after years of impunity for crimes committed against journalists. Somalia is one of the most dangerous countries for media professionals. Last year alone, 18 reporters were killed. According to authorities, members of the Al-sharab, landlords, criminals and even government agents are instructed to kill journalists.