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Farther Chops Hands off Baby Rapist

Apr 21, 2016

The father is now on the run after he tied the alleged attacker to a tree before hacking his hands off with a machete.


A dad dished out his own bloody justice to a teen accused of raping his baby daughter by tying him to a tree and chopping off his hands with a machete.

The grisly incident happened after the 17-year-old appeared in court after he was reportedly caught raping a seven-month-old baby by the girl’s mother.

During court proceedings, the father reportedly indicated that he was prepared to forgive the teenager and accept a compensation deal to limit his punishment.

The teenager was then let go and the father reportedly offered to drive him home to Muktsa’s Kotli Ablu village, where they both live.

But halfway through the journey, the father apparently stopped the bike and attacked the teenager, tying him to a tree before chopping off his hands with a machete.

He then reportedly climbed back on the bike, and fled, leaving the teenager critically injured and screaming for help.

The injured teenager was taken to hospital where his condition has been described as critical.

The father meanwhile has gone on the run and is being sought by police.

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