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Gay man thrown from top of building by ISIS

May 08, 2016

Images have emerged showing sick ISIS  “throwing a man off the top of a building because he is gay”.


The man is seen blindfolded, bound and dressed in black as he is led to the edge of the 10-storey building in what is thought to be Aleppo, Syria.

Masked thugs armed with rifles lead him to the terrifyingly high verge before allegedly throwing him to his death.


A crowd of locals, including children, stand on the ground below to watch the savage murder.

The man was reportedly pushed of the top of the 100ft partly-built building, onto the concrete ground below.

His body is then stoned by a mob below, in support of the brutal homophobic murder.

The photographs were taken by supporters of the man’s death and posted on Facebook by pro-Islamist groups.


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