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Jack Burman

Mar 21, 2019
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Born in Hamilton, Ontario, in 1949. Lives and works in Toronto.

Photographer Jack Burman is widely known for his depictions of human remains, some embalmed for religious purposes, others maintained for scientific study. Raised in Toronto, Burman studied English literature at the University of Toronto, afterward beginning his career as a photographer. However, it wasn’t until the 1980s, inspired by Peter Hujar’s Portraits in Life and Death, that he found the subject matter for which he is best known. The Dead is the resulting series of his years of travel across the world, from Europe to Latin America, photographing bodies in various states of decay and preservation. In 2010, this series became a book published by the Magenta Foundation. Burman has also done a series on places of worship. His work has been shown nationally and internationally at, among others, the Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography and the Warsaw Palace of Culture. It is also in numerous collections, including that of the National Gallery of Canada.

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  • Macki Messer

    Great photos, not seen until now.