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Murder On Facebook

Aug 09, 2013

American Derek Medina kills his wife and posts the picture on Facebook.




American Derek Medina, 31, killed his wife, on Thursday, in Miami, in the United States. After committing the crime, he posted a picture on Facebook of the body, accompanied by a confession. The man decided to surrender to police and explained that he lost his head after a domestic dispute. The information is from the NY Daily newspaper.


The crime happened on Thursday morning, in the double. Derek has used the social network to attempt to justify himself: “My wife was beating me and I will not endure more abuse this. So, I did what I did. I hope you understand me. ” Soon after leaving home, the American surrendered in a police station and confessed to the murder.

The couple had been together since April of last year. In the house, was the daughter of Jennifer, 10, who was unharmed. Authorities in Miami did not disclose whether the child witnessed her mother’s death.







In the photo caption, which appears dirty blood on his face and arms beside the body of his wife Jennifer Alonso, the American wrote: “I go to jail or get a death sentence for killing my wife. I love you guys. I’ll miss you, guys. Take care. People on Facebook will see me in the papers. ”