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Pitbull kills owner

Apr 23, 2015
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The man died on Wednesday (22) after being attacked by his dog. The victim died at the scene.




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  • Jef


    • Esad Lurker

      Some of the nicest most loyal dogs I have known, have been pitbulls and staffys.

      • KILL ALL DOGS!!!!

      • I mean cats… My mistake…

      • Esad Lurker

        Yeah cats are shitbags.

      • Macki Messer

        Cute ‘n’ smart they are.

      • hneftafl

        Yeah that is one loyal pitbull. /sarcasm

  • Esad Lurker

    Hairy faggots.

    Dogs look up at you and cats look down on you..

    I kick cats.

  • Llwch

    Looks high as fuck on the first pic. He just had the time of his life.