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Underwater Grave

Mar 08, 2016
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The Blue Hole near Dahab, Egypt, in the Gulf of Aqaba is one of the most dangerous underwater caves in the world. While part of the cave is explored almost daily by tourists and recreational divers, its deeper caverns are strictly off limits to all but the most skilled of professionals. Despite this restriction, every year there are at least a handful of divers who attempt to navigate to the bottom of the cave. Many of these folks get lost or become stuck and end up dead.

The following video was shot by a pair of divers exploring the Blue Hole in late 2006. At around the 360-foot mark, they came across the badly decomposed body of an unknown diver. No one is quite sure who it was and how they ended up dead at the bottom of the cave system. Regardless of the circumstances, it’s still a heartbreaking sight.

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    Cave diving is by far one of the most dangerous recreational activities in world. What is sad is a proper precaution is to use a rope line and buddy dive may have prevented these deaths.