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Hottest Cold Case in America

Mar 21, 2019
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“Hottest Cold Case in America” rekindled after 50 years

Wide shot of bedroom after the smoke cleared.
Firefighters removed smoldering mattress from room.
When they did, Mary’s body rolled off the bed onto the floor.
Torso still covered with folded undergarments.
Note feet pointing towards the head of bed.
Close view of Mary’s body on the floor of the bedroom.
Folded undergarments were removed to reveal damage to body.
Notice left side of body looks essentially normal.
The body is naked, but there was no evidence of sexual assault.
Technical cause of death was a stab wound to the heart.
The other 6 or 7 stab wounds were inflicted after she died.
NOPD Homicide Detectives examining Mary’s bedroom.
Notice curtain, furniture, books, blankets and carpet are not burned.
No signs of struggle. No one saw a flame. Neighbors heard nothing.
What burned off her arm and rib cage? The toaster?
Nothing in her apartment could do such damage to her body.
Her corpse was relocated there and a murder scene faked.
Head and Torso.
Right arm missing. Extensive damage to torso. Disintegrated tissues.
Note the unburned hair next to charred shoulder and torso.
Hair is the easiest thing to burn on a body.
Bones are the hardest; in fact, they don’t really burn.
These were vaporized. Disintegrated by high-voltage electricity.
Right flank.
Internal organs exposed as stated in NOPD Precinct Report.
Lung, liver, stomach and intestine are clearly visible.
Skin, muscle, and rib cage were disintegrated by high-voltage electricity.
She was standing in front of steel wall when she grabbed the handle.
The electricity ran up her arm and burned it out like a fuse.
Full body on gurney in morgue. Burns limited to 20% of her body.
Notice head and feet are essentially fine.
Electricity exited her body into a steel wall behind her torso.

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  • Macki Messer

    Interesting case.