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Man Survives 38 Stab Wounds

Feb 28, 2013

A CHUBBY man miraculously survived being stabbed 38 times — because he was so FAT.
Danny Ross, 44, who is known to pals as ‘Fat Dan’, was strangled with a belt and repeatedly stabbed with a kitchen knife at his home.

But amazingly doctors revealed it was his extra pounds that saved him.
The former computer analyst needed 70 stitches.
Exeter Crown Court heard he had been watching television at home when crazed David Johnson, who he already knew, turned up at his flat uninvited and falsely accused him of stealing money from a family member.

Danny, of Exeter, Devon, said: “He started to get violent. He got out a belt and put it round my throat. In seconds I was unconscious.

“After I saw the photos the police took I couldn’t believe it. If I had been thinner I would have been dead.

“The medical staff tried to be tactful in the way they described it, but I am heavier than I like to be and they said it was that extra weight that saved my life.

“It knocked me back and I would wake up in the middle of the night not feeling safe.”

After the attack Johnson, who was convicted of attempted murder, told a friend: “I killed him. Get over it.”

But in court the 33-year-old claimed Danny had wounded himself as part of a compensation claim.

Judge Graham Cottle ordered reports into how dangerous Johnson, of Exwick, Devon, is before he sentences him on May 18.

He said: “I have formed my own opinion from the facts and obviously there’s some background with issues of drink and probably heroin. And he continues to deny responsibility despite the evidence.”

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