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Mother Goose Dies

Jan 05, 2019

Mother Goose dies because of the intense cold

Mother Goose was like a mother to the other homeless people with whom she spent the nights in the cold streets.

The intense cold of winter took on a new life and this time it was that of Mama Gansa, a 45-year-old woman who lived in a street situation, and who was known in that way by the homeless living in the vicinity of the Candelaria station. Line 1 of the Metro.

It was around 7 in the morning that people who slept next to Irma Rodríguez Hernandez, in broken and abandoned armchairs at the intersection of Candelaria Street and San Ciprian Street, in the Candelaria neighbourhood of Los Patos, the city ​​hall of of Cuauhtémoc , they noticed that the woman was no longer breathing because of what they called the emergency services, who minutes later confirmed her death.

“She was a mother to us, she always took care of us, many times we slept in the same place. I was already sick, I had a liver failure from so much alcohol, but what killed her was the cold we have been suffering in these times, “ said Cristian, a companion of Mama Gansa.


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