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Shot Dead on a Gate

May 20, 2018

It happened during siesta hours in the Sarmiento neighborhood of General Pinedo. A man shot into a house in search of the owner, who apparently had a loving relationship with his ex-girlfriend. The man trying to escape from the scene, jumps the fence and accidentally shoots himself with his shotgun.

This nap at around 3.30 pm an adult man broke into an address in the housing neighborhood of Sarmiento neighborhood in the town of General Pinedo, looking for the owner of the house who allegedly had a romantic relationship with his ex-girlfriend.

Once inside the property shot with a .22 caliber rifle several times, striking three times in the male owner of the house (two in the right arm and one in the chest).

According to local sources said that apparently in his attempt to escape from the scene, climbing a perimeter fence escaped a shot of his own shotgun that culminated with his life.

The neighbors called the police, who arrived at the place, also arrived firemen.

Now it is the investigative task of the experts of the judiciary to determine the causes of death.

The used weapon that had been left with the deceased was sequestered and inside the house there were more than 5 shots. The injured was transferred to the Saenz Peña presidency hospital.

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