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15 year old found hanged in a friend’s house

Oct 11, 2016

This case really requires a lot of research, as a girl of only 15 years was found hanged in the house of a friend in Navarrete . She is identified as Arileyda Cabrera  (also Marileydi Cabrera) .

 But most worrying is that the supposed house where she appeared lifeless, is a house that a friend lent groom young for them to spend a while.

The family issued the young Cabrera , presents signs of beatings and violence. On the other hand, the police are investigating Mario Melvin Czech Nunez and Jorge Luis Reyes Dominguez , people with had gone, with the permission of relatives.

Versions were released Cabrera allegedly killed herself by crimes of passion. Anyway, as we refer the beginning, this case requires much research as it was a girl just añitos.

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