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Bridge Jumper Suicide

Jun 13, 2016
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The body of a transvestite “Viviane Suassuna” was retrieved from water after he jumped from the  Newton Navarro bridge. Police Still don’t know the reasons that led the young man to commit suicide.


“Viviane” usually frequent bars and nightclubs on the beachfront.

Police are investigate the case.

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  • John

    “Young man”

    Lovely woman!

  • dexxter

    Living in Bangkok allows me to see many ladyboys. Although most are obviously men, a few are really hard to pick out. Too bad they are still men because some are far more beautiful than many of the local women, and the real women are very beautiful.

    • Are you confessing something Dexx?

      • dexxter

        Only that I have seen too many ladyboys. Believe me when I say that Thai ladies are the most beautiful in the world and ladyboys are just a nuisance distraction. If you get a chance in life to go to Thailand then grab it. You will have no regrets!

      • Friend of mine goes there every year for 2 weeks. Loves it there, for reasons ha