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DJ Hangs Herself

Mar 04, 2016
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The DJ had been suffering depression for some time according to her friends.



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  • trish

    Hell yea! !! What happened to you guys! Missed this site xoxo

  • dexxter

    Sad. I have a beautiful Thai GF and this
    makes me sad.

    • It is sad.. there’s always another way to deal with life.. just not in the right frame of mind.

  • Llwch

    Welcome back, site, people, my life.

  • Russell Roesner

    I’ve seen several suicides like this now. You really have to will yourself to die I guess. It does not seem to be a very painful or scary way to go. I guess you just put pressure on your jugular and coratid arteries until you pass out from lack of oxygen to the brain. I think the benefit to this is that at least you can change your mind. I’ve heard stories from survivors that jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge who regret it while they are falling. Also, there is no big mess like there would be shooting yourself for others to have to clean up. Finally, most other means of suicide can be survived and leave the victim with injuries or brain damage. This way seems pretty foolproof. (Unless someone finds you before its too late)

  • Texas State Paranormal Investi

    newbie alert* I love that shade of lipstick, a deep shade of hangmans red.