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Teen Suicide

Aug 07, 2013
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A 16 year old girl hanged herself  yesterday, she had deep cuts on the neck from the drop she took. Her family said she wasn’t suffering depression and didn’t have any mental disorder. How wrong can they be?



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  • flygurl66

    Parents missed something wrong thats for sure. She was obviously depressed. Parents need to talk to there kids more often.

  • DeathsDoor

    You got that right Flygurl!

  • salvation777

    Just a string of bad decisions.

  • skyrider

    A lot of times the children will pretend all is well. Then when they fall into that mood. They will just wonder off and end it. Once a child gets into this mood. Nothing will stop them from killing themselves. We might stop them once. But what about the next time?

  • DeathsDoor

    Depression doesn’t always show itself as is.. teenagers acting strange is nothing new. Children being moody is part of growing up no? hard to tell the difference, depression? or becoming an adult.