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Video Game Addict Burned Himself to Death

May 08, 2016

Student burns himself to death after father takes away video games

A video game addict burned himself to death after being ‘tipped over the edge’ when his father told him to stop playing and get more sleep.

Online games fan Hsueh Jun-Chen, 22, had been in his room at his family home in the town of Fenyuan in western Taiwan when father Liu, 48, knocked on his door and told him to go to sleep.

The two then exchanged heated words and the father told his son he was fed up with his gaming and wanted him to stop.

But the next day he realised Hsueh was missing and when he went outside to look for him, he found the boy’s charred remains 300 metres away – with empty bottles of petrol lying nearby.

Devastated Liu said: ‘I had simply said that he should sleep rather than play because university was starting again after the holidays.

‘He said he would and that’s the last time I saw him alive.

Empty gasoline bottles were discovered next to a shoe near to Hsueh Jun-Chen’s body



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