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Araceli Cabrera Crespo Murder

Jan 16, 2015
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Araceli was the second daughter of Gabriel Crespo and Bolivian living in Brazil, Lola Sanchez. They lived in a modest house in the street São Paulo, today Araceli Cabrera Crespo Street in the neighbourhood of Fatima, in the city of Serra (Holy Spirit), nearby the city of Vitória, the capital of the Spirit Santo.A absence of Aracelli was noted by his father, when the girl did not come home after school, the College of St. Peter, in Victoria, on 18 May 1973. Thinking it is a kidnapping, distributed photographs of the daughter to newspapers.

The body of the girl was found  six days after the funds of the Children’s Hospital of Victoria (Hospital Child Jesus). The girl was sent by her mother to deliver an envelope to Jorge Michelini, uncle of Dante, one of the suspects of her death. Once there, the accused drugged, raped and killed her. On the body were lacerations to the abdomen, breasts, and the girl’s vagina. They took her body to Jorge’s nightclub, where they left her in a freezer for several days. A corrosive acid was thrown over her to made it difficult to identify the corpse.

The crime suspects were people connected to two wealthy families of the Holy Spirit. The names of those involved in the case were Paul Constanteen Helal, known as Paulinho, and Dante Michelini Jr., known as Dantinho. Dante was the son of the landlord Dante Michelini, influential with the military regime, while Paulinho was the son of Constanteen Helal, equally powerful family. They were known in the city as drug users who raped underage girls. The band have also been responsible for the death of a traffic policeman who had stopped them. Both were cited in the articles 235 and 249 of the Penal Code.

Although Paul and Dante are the main suspects and there are some witnesses against them, the two were convicted for the death of Aracelli, who was then eight years old. According to the account of Joseph Louzeiro, author of Aracelli book, The Heart of the case produced 14 deaths, from possible witnesses to people interested in unraveling the crime. He himself, while investigating the crime in Victoria to produce his book-entry, would have been subject to “file burning”. According to him, a hotel employee, belonging to Helal family, would have alerted him that he was in danger of death. Since then, Louzeiro started to fill in forms in a hotel and staying in another.

Araceli was buried, three years later, at the Municipal Cemetery of Serra-Headquarters, the number of tomb 1213, in the city of Serra.

The two main suspects were tried, and sentenced to 18 and 5 years in prison. 


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    What an horrible happening!