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Murder of Rigmor Johnsen

Jan 18, 2015


23 year old Fredrik Fasting Torgersen had a criminal record and he was the main suspect in the Rigmor case, based on the evidence at the time linking him to the scene he was convicted and sentenced to life in prison(max 21 years) and 10 years of preventive detention for the murder of Rigmor Johnsen, he served 16 and a half years of the sentence and was released in 1974, he insist on his innocence and have requested his case be resumed five times(1958,1973, 1997, 2004 and 2007) all his appeals have been rejected.


December 1957 at 01:25, Firemen were called out too Skippergata 6, Oslo in response to a fire, at the scene they found the body of 16 year old Rigmor stuffed under a charred sofa, she had been strangled to death, she also had bite marks on her upper chest and light burns on her hands and legs.


Rigmor Johnsen


Fredrik Fasting Torgersen was in December 1957 arrested 500 meters from the scene on suspicion of bicycle theft. The bicycle he had borrowed from his nephew. He was detained for half an hour before the fire alarm went at the scene Skippergata 6 and was quickly suspected of the murder of Rigmor Johnsen.


The Crime Scene


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Torgersen campaign believes Torgersen must be innocent because his shoes had been full of mud if he was in the basement with Rigmor and that it must have been footprints at the scene that could exclude Torgersen. Prosecutors responded that it was consistent in the discovery of granvedpartikler and plaster. Commission believed this is no basis for reopening, and mentions that the shoes he probably used during the murder was put in water.

DISPUTE ABOUT TIME: Police believed the murder happened here between 2300 and 23:30. Torgersen campaign believes it happened after midnight when Torgersen was home at Lille Toyen Hageby. They maintain the alcohol content in blood Johnsen, no certain rigor and no fatal stains, corpse temperature grounds. They also believe the fire was started after Torgersen was arrested. Resumption Commission believes there is no evidence for it, and writes that the experts’ statements do not support the theory. Among other things, it is unknown how much Rigmor drank.

480x (4) Rigmor left breast was allocated a bite mark. The first expert believed bite mark was set by Torgersen teeth. The others thought it was a bordering on certainty probability. A number of specialists brought in by Torgersen campaign has gone against this. The Court appointed in 1974 a new expert who believed Torgersen stood behind the bite. In 1999 reiterated two foreign experts the same. Experts still disagree.


When the witness Olga Eriksen came home noon she saw a blood stain, but did not tell that she saw my panties, stool or blood in the middle of the floor. She told nor about odor. Torgersen campaign believe this means that the murder was committed later. The Commission calls this speculation, and refers to the fire-fighter who arrived at the scene nor saw anything before he fetched more light.


An old Christmas tree, wooden planks and other scrap was collected over the body and set on fire in the basement of the apartment building. Basement Lemmen was closed. Here is the material after it was brought up from the basement.

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Rigmor blood stained shirt: 16-year-old was found strangled with a 5.5 centimeter long gash in mind. The corpse was terrible injuries and marked by extreme violence.

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Torgersen had been home and changed when he was arrested. In the clothes he had been wearing earlier in the evening, police found small blood stains. Experts found only that it was about blood type A, which both Torgersen and Johnsen.

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Pine needles in his suit: In Torgersen trouser creases and a pocket was found pine needles. This meant prosecutors linked him to the crime scene, where there was a Christmas tree that was used to lighting the corpse. Torgersen claims needles must have ended up in the suit earlier, for example when Dresser previous owner stayed in woods in a escape attempt.

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During testimony to Ørnulf Bergersen jumped Torgersen over perimeter fences indictment box and threw a chair at him. Torgersen was overpowered and handcuffed. Fredrik Fasting Torgersen entered here into the courtroom by three policemen in Oslo Courthouses summer 1958.


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