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Burned to death

Nov 28, 2014
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The vehicle hit a tree and burst into flames. Witnesses at the scene said the driver was speeding and showing off. 

When the flames were put out by fire-fighters they found 2 charred bodies, 1 female and 1 male.

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  • Dex

    video does not work. nothing loads. click on link and it loops back.

    • Working now Dex!

      • Dex

        Ah ok. Works now. I have an addon called Ghostery which prevents advertising redirections. It was blocking the video

      • It was more of a problem this end. All sorted now.

  • Dex

    Thailand again. Many of your videos seem to come from there. It is a really shitty job to be one of the first responders. Pulling dead bodies out of wrecks. In the 1980’s I used to be with the night crew of a TV station going to all the fires, murders, car wrecks during the night to get video for the next day’s news. After a few months, I found myself becoming immune to the horrors I was seeing. That is when I knew I had to get out of that scene. Some of your videos and photos bring back bad memories….

    • Thailand post I like best, more variety I think.. Brasil, Mexico etc have more shootings and stabbings.

      Your job. I suppose seeing stuff like that everyday would start to affect you one way or another. A friend of mine worked for a funeral parlour in Germany, in the end he got out.. see enough of dead bodies. The last collection he did was a woman had hung her baby and then committed suicide.

      • Dex

        Initially, seeing death and mutilated bodies is weirdly compulsive. You can’t stop looking. My problem is that I put myself into the place of the person in the photo. I imagine what it is like to suffer what they are suffering. TBH, I look at your photos is for that reason. There is a sense of dread wondering what it is like to be …. whatever is being shown. That is the psychological horror that surpasses the visible one.

        Am I your only viewer? Nobody else seems to comment. 🙂

      • I’ve never put myself in the position of the person/persons I’m posting.. I do feel for the victims relatives thou.. They are the one’s left behind that suffer longer than the deceased.

        You are my only viewer? Nooooo the views on this site is really high. Mostly lurkers.. but I don’t mind if people want to just view and not comment.. Don’t get me wrong Dex! comments are nice. I like to hear peoples points of view.

        So you carry on with your comments Dex. Cheers.

      • SicMonster666
      • lol

      • Dex

        LOL. Nice to see you care about my pitiful feelings. Cute GIF. 🙂

  • BigWill6363

    I pretty much havent even watched tv this past month since looking at sites like this. It just pisses me off that they bleep out cusswords and ruin a movie. I wanted real stuff, and got it with gore sites for sure. I hate the fact the US sensors everything. What is the point of blocking out real life?