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Couple dies hugging each other after car runs into icy river

Mar 15, 2015
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A couple was found dead in a car in the Songhua River, Jilin city of Jilin province on March 11th.When they were pulled out of the car, they still remained the posture of hugging each other.

A white car was spotted in the freezing Songhua River around 8 am on March, 11th. It was recognized by local residents to be the car of a villager in the nearby Chaliba Village. Later Mr. Zhang, father of the car’s owner, was called to the scene.

The car’s owner, a man surnamed Zhang, and his girlfriend were dead and were salvaged out of water in the afternoon.

They were hugging each other in the car. A rescuer tied a rope on them and carefully pulled them out of the car. They remained the same posture even after they were separated on the bank.

“I’ve heard that they couldn’t find Zhang and his girlfriend yesterday. His parents couldn’t reach him on the phone. And they seemed to be driving the car,” said a villager.

As there is no bridge, the main traffic means to cross the river is to take the ferry boat, which can contain both men and vehicles.

Zhang’s car was suspected to have slipped into the river from the slope at the dock, since it was slippery after the snow.

Villagers couldn’t get the car out of the river. A crane was called for help.

Further investigation is under way.

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  • BigWill6363

    As much as I would like to think I would have died trying to save my girl, with the water that cold, they were instantly in shock and probably had mere seconds to react before it was too late.