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Crushed Head

May 01, 2017

A young dealer who was traveling on a motorcycle, tragically lost his life when he was hit by a vehicle who left the scene.

Witness reports indicate that the afternoon of this Tuesday the deceased today identified as Darío Cruz Carreto, 18, was traveling on a Honda motorcycle owned by the company Subway, where he worked as a dealer.

This one circulated on walks Framboyanes and just opposite Bonafont, supposedly was run over and crushed by a torton with social reason “Three Wars”, which decided to flee.

When the Red Cross paramedics were alerted, they only confirmed the death of the boy, who had his head crushed with exposure of the brain.

The area was cordoned off with yellow ribbons by IPAX guards and elements of the State Police.

Later ministerial authorities carried out the corresponding procedures and removal of the corpse, being taken to Semefo for the necropsy of law.

Meanwhile, agents of the Ministerial Police are already investigating to find the vehicle and driver responsible for this homicide.


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