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Don’t Try To Rob a Truck

Mar 06, 2016
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On the morning of Friday (04) two criminals died in a serious accident after trying to rob a herdsman truck on US-222 near the village Cipo in North Miranda (135 km from San Luis). According to the first information, the truck carrying cattle and was being chased by a vehicle type GM Astra a few kilometers when at km 268 marginal tried to close the truck and also shot him. The driver noticed the action of the bandits, did not obey the order of individuals and made a maneuver getting to play the car of marginal off the track. As the Astra was speeding, the driver lost control of the vehicle and flipped several times causing the death of the two robbers who were in the back seat. The truck driver was unhurt also lost control of the vehicle and stopped the truck on the Astra. The other two criminals who were in the vehicle, the driver and the passenger were able to take flight taking direction hitherto ignored.

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