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Olga Pronina dead: Instagram star and Russia’s ‘sexiest motorcyclist’ dies in high speed crash

Aug 06, 2017
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A woman who was dubbed Russia’s “sexiest motorcyclist” after she posted footage her stunts on social media, has died in a high speed crash.
Olga Pronina was followed by hundreds of thousands of people on Instagram which she regularly updated with pictures and videos.
The 40-year-old, was speeding through Vladivostok, an eastern Russian city near the border with China and North Korea, when she crashed into a fence.
She passed away from her injuries before the emergency services could reach her.

Her friend arrived on the scene 20 minutes later and found her rear wheel had been thrown 600m, according to state run news agency Sputnik news.
Pronina, who went by the handle “Monika9422”, had over 200,000 Instagram followers at the time of her death. Her profile has since been removed.
The divorced hairdresser and mother to a 16-year-old daughter, had previously written about her love of the sport and the “freedom it gave her”.
In one post she wrote: “I am grateful to it for the sparkles in my eyes, for the warm wind blowing on my cheeks when my visor is open, for unbelievable excitement and a feeling of flowing in the air, for doses of adrenaline.
“I know that I am not alone. There are thousands like me, those madly in love with their metal horses.”

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