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Poor little girl

May 13, 2015
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The little girl was caught under the truck when it rolled over..  The driver lost control of his overloaded vehicle.

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  • Inc.

    I can’t even imagine the pain that man felt holding and seeing that little girl.

  • dexxter

    Damn it. This is making me cry. I hope she did not suffer.

  • BigWill6363

    People think laws are created to make their life miserable. Totally opposite. Most if not all laws are almost always due to learning the hard way. There is a reason you can get a ticket for being overloaded, and this post is exactly why. Had he obeyed the law, his kid would still be alive. By being cheap and making two trips, or by not using a trailer, this is what happened. People who make laws know what can and will happen, and they want to prevent this sort of thing. Ok, im rambling but, laws of the road are made for your safety, and the safety of others.