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Tour bus accident

Mar 15, 2015
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Saturday the 14th a serious accident involving a tour bus left more than 40 dead and 12 wounded. The bus fell from a cliff approximately 400 meters at km 89 of the SC-418, in Campo Alegre, in the region of Joinville.


According to civil defence information of the State 49 people died. The bus driver, with plates of União da Vitória, Paraná, would have lost control of the vehicle on a curve. The bus headed for a religious event in Guaratuba, also in Paraná. According to the Fire Department Volunteer Joinville, until 23h there were still bodies to be rescued. As the site is difficult to access, the teams are struggling and it appears that the work will continue during the early hours of Sunday 15th. This is the greatest tragedy ever recorded in Santa Catarina. Also according to information 12 people were rescued alive. The St. Joseph Hospital, Joinville, said it received seven wounded in serious condition and four children were referred to Children’s Hospital.

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  • BigWill6363

    The real tragedy is there were two empty seats………..ok, im a smartass, if I take it too far let me know.