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Traffic Accident

Mar 13, 2016

A 33-year-old man died in an accident involving a truck and three other vehicles at the intersection of Rubem Bento Alves Avenue (Perimeter North) with Humberto de Campos in Caxias do Sul (127 km from Porto Joyful). According to the first information, the van where the victim was identified as Gilnei Peres Rotta was crushed by a truck loaded with about 33 tons of MDF. Gilnei was crushed along with the vehicle and died instantly. The driver of the cart identified as Iago Martins 23 year old who was not injured, said the vehicle could not go up the avenue Humberto de Campos and how was wet the cart down the street and the brakes failed to prevent it from returning and had overturned on Kombi still dragging two other cars followed behind her. He also reported he did not know the city and the GPS indicated that street to get to the company where he unload the goods. Drivers of other vehicles affected being one Línea and Golf were not hurt. The victim was an employee of a factory and at the time of the accident moved to make a delivery. His body took almost two hours to be removed from the hardware since it took two winches to lift the cart and part of the load.

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