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You Don’t See That Very Often

Jul 20, 2019
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The military police were deployed this Friday morning for RN 233, a stretch between UFERSA and the outskirts of the city of Caraúbas.

A car collision with motorcycle left a dead person in the scene, the victim was travelling on a motorcycle that was violently picked up by a white D20 van.

The victim who died at the scene, is a man known as Antônio Braga de Oliveira, 80 years old, Antônio de Badé, residing in the neighbourhood Sebastião Maltez he would be coming back from the Baixa Fria site when he left a vicinal road, did not notice the vehicle that came in its preferential, I entered the race track and was picked up by the car that did not have how to brake.

The D20 was driven by Costa Rican driver Cristiano Israel Lima who had no way to brake and dragged the victim by about 50 meters.

With the impact the bike was stuck in front of the truck, neither the motorcycle nor the victim came to fall, ie the victim died on top of his bike at the crash site.




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  • svira

    wow, this is rare accident

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