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Rotting Gang Members

May 27, 2016

On Sunday afternoon the fire department divers along with police officers from the Operational tactical group found two more bodies in the waters of Ituqui region, are now already recorded five. Along was also found a certain amount of buffalo meat that was stolen from farmers it is also a canoe that was used by the band, as reported residents. Some residents told police there were six members of the gang who traded shots with the garrison of the GTO.

Military police were called in last Thursday, 19 to verify a cattle theft situation in Ituqui region. A farmer said he was forced into the woods after being nearly killed by members of that gang. According to the victim, the gang also stole the rabetas and other belongings.

Once a trim operational tactical group (GTO) reached the vicinity of the fact, the police were greeted by gunfire, being forced to defend themselves, so going a firefight. However the canoe in which the suspects were sunk, and as it was a dark night, the police waited for daybreak to search them, but they found. Then they decided to return to Santarém and request help from the fire department and on Saturday and Sunday the bodies were found.

So far two bodies have been identified. One is known by the nickname “Likinho”. According to information from police, it is ex-convict, including already had been arrested days ago in a Bajara with a cal rifle, “44” at the time he paid bail and was released.

The other identified body would be the Nathanael name of individual, 40 years of age. The Police and Fire Department still continue with the search on the site, because as reported by the victim, the robbers were a total of six.

According to locals, cattle theft that Community is constant. They report that does not have much to do because the robbers attack in far greater numbers and all armed. Many of the victims even record the fact in the police station, because due to distance and the difficulty of access, little the police can do.

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