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The Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run

Dec 24, 2014
The Butcher of Kingsbury Run was a serial killer in Cleveland in the 1930’s. He is responsible for at least 12 victims. All of the bodies that had been found were dismembered, usually only leaving the torso which is why it is also known as the Cleveland Torso Murder. Only two of the victims were ever identified as most of his targets were drifters. The killer or killers were never found.
I choose this person because of several reasons. I enjoy reading about unsolved cases.The fact that it was never solved added interest to it because you never know who really did it. I also liked that it happened so close to us. It is a real down to earth type event because it happened so close to us in little old Hicksville.




Cleveland’s Kingsbury Run

The killer was believed to be a male that was either a drifter or from a lower class family. He would tie up his victims before dismembering them after he had killed them. This generally included cutting off the arms, legs, genitals and removing organs. He would then take the bodies to the dump site and burn them using some sort of accelerant. He was clearly a psychopath and there was debate between experts about weather or not the genital nutation was a sign of homosexuality. It is believed that he had some knowledge of anatomy from being either a butcher, a hunter or even a doctor. They also believe that he must have some spot to take these people to as cutting a head off would result in large amounts of blood. The ideas for this were a doctors office, a butcher shop, and possibly someone’s home. They also concluded that it was a large strong man as many of the bodies were moved very far. Last his mutilations were done so that they would make identifying the bodies almost impossible.


The investigators had two major leads in the case. Dr. Francis Sweeney and Frank Dolezal. Sweeney was an alcoholic surgeon who performed several amputations in combat. When being interviewed he took a polygraph test and failed twice. He was a first cousin to then Congressman Martin L. Sweeney and voluntary entered psychiatric case just before the killings stopped. Dolezal was also an alcoholic who was first arrested for the killing of Flo Polillo. He confessed to this though he said it was self defense. It is believed that he received six broken ribs from the police which they believe that he was beaten into confessing to the murder.


Of the 12 confirmed victims only two were identified. They were Edward W. Andrassy and Florence Genevieve Polillo. The other 10 either were mutilated beyond identification or were not cared about enough to look for them.


The Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run was never found. Though the killings all seemed to stop after the death of Dolezal and the hospital entry of Sweeney. Though if most experts were to be asked they believe that Sweeney was the true killer. I believe that the most interesting fact from this is that they were able to put together a profile like this back in the 1930’s. I learned from this project that you can get away with killing someone easily back in the day. I do not think this is a good thing, but it is good that science has been able to come so far.

First victim, though not official, identified as “Lady of the Lake”


Left another unknown victim. On the right Edward Andrassy

Edward Andrassy

The body of Edward Andrassy, decapitate and emasculated.

4th Victim Florence “Flo” Polillo


12th unidentified victim. The remains date from 4 to 6 months.

The 13th victim is found in skeletal and unidentifiable state. Dated 7 to 9 weeks.

Suspect Frank Dolezal






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