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Stab wounds

Nov 09, 2014

This young man was involved in a gang fight at about 2am. He was found bleeding by by passers at about 5am and was rushed to a hospital. His wounds were sutured at the ER but he died few minutes later. Picture one shows a sutured cut wound of the left lower chest and another sutured wound at a higher level. This second  wound was a penetrating stab wound through the lower chest (picture 2).
One can notice the devitalized margins of the wound and the presence of green vegetable leaves coming through the wound. The left chest cavity was full of bloody liquids,rice,pieces of undigested meat and green vegetable leaves (picture 3). The left lung was spared of injuries. The knife passed through the left diaphragmatic copula to penetrate through the anterior wall of the stomach near its lesser curvature  (pic 4&5). The posterior wall of the stomach was free of injuries.
Stab wounds of the stomach are not rapidly fatal injuries. The victim can survive for a considerable period of time.  

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