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Gruesome find by a local

Dec 12, 2014
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A local to the area out collecting wood found the remains of a body.


The services were called and put together what they could find. Animals had eaten some parts and scattered them around. Not all the body parts were found. What was left of the body was taken to the morgue to determine the cause of death. 

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  • dexxter

    Thailand again. Been in Bangkok a week now and still not seen anything gruesome other than the fried bugs the street vendors are selling. Thanks to this site, I constantly imagine split heads and brains spilling everywhere whenever I take a motorbike taxi and don’t get to wear a helmet.

    • SicMonster666

      A lot of the pics come from southern Thailand. Not so much Bangkok. But keep riding the scooters over there, you’ll eventually see some good gore….or at least i will when the pics of your bloody head is pancaked all over the road.

    • Innaunnakki

      ewww why would you want to expect to see that??? lol Careful what you wish for, better hope it won’t be you! :p

  • Innaunnakki

    Doesn’t even look real…… X[

  • dexxter

    I went on a 5km motorbike taxi ride a few nights ago, but that is the last time. I felt naked with no helmet even though the driver was safe and the wind in my hair was exhilarating. I take ordinary taxis now instead and feel much safer. They even have seat belts! I still take short motorbike taxi rides but they are much, much slower in small back streets. I hope I don’t get to see my brains spilt all over the road.That would be rather upsetting. 😉