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Man arrives home to find wife dead

Jun 04, 2017

Mini Van Driver arrives home to find wife dead and baby crying

At around 3:00am on the morning of May 19th, Police and emergency services were called to investigate the mysterious death of the mans wife.

The body of the victim, aged 35, was found lying motionless outside the front door of the family home by her husband, who had returned home from work for the night. A quick check of the body and it was confirmed that she had sadly passed away. The husband also heard his young baby crying inside the house and rushed in to check if the 1 year old was ok before calling for emergency assistance.

Police arrived on the scene quickly and after examining the body, they estimated that the victim had been dead for approximately 3-4 hours at the most.

Police attempted to question the husband, but he was understandably shaking and broken by what he had discovered.

No injuries of signs of any struggle were found on the victim’s body, or at the scene.

The body was wrapped up and taken away for a full postmortem and police took several photos of the crime scene to take away as evidence.

The investigation will now start once the results of the postmortem return.

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