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Transvestite found dead

Mar 04, 2015


On the morning of Monday 2nd the Military Police in the city of Monsignor Paul in Minas Gerais (220 km from Belo Horizonte) was thrown to attend an event at the Farm Velvet, Neighbourhood Cervo located in Zone Rural where residents had reportedly found a body floating in the pond on the farm. The farm owner identified as Mr. Fortunato said on Friday (27) during the night heard noises of a person close to headquarters and the dogs barked a lot of Finance, then he was looking at what was happening and did not see anything, just heard two moans from afar, but did not realize what it was. On Saturday 28th, one of its officials walked to the Farm headquarters of funds as usual, near a water pump at the place he spotted what looked like a person’s body floating on the banks of dam.Also according to information so that the employee noticed something strange just called the owner to check the location, but was not sure it was a body, it was too far away and sunk in the water. On Sunday we were checking out, but nothing was in place. Only on Monday that the body appeared submerged and floating. According to information of the military police, the two were unable to identify the body as people in the region. The site was isolated and the technical expertise was thrown. Soon after the praxis of work was reported that the body was male with age between 25 and 30 years, with several tattoos the body with Umbanda saying, star of David and piercings in the navel and genitals, curly hair and at the time of shoulder, light colour, wearing shorts at the time clear mesh-like blue, dark colour shoes top (blouse) without handle with flower prints in blue, intimate piece female model and pink. According to the expert, there were some superficial scratches on her arms and neck, which could also have been caused by tree branches surrounding the lake. The body was in the initial stages of decomposition and so far has not been identified. He was taken to the morgue in the city of Varginha. The case is being investigated.

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